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NextHome is a leading cabinet maker in China, with years of experience and expertise in custom house cabinetry.

How can you work with NextHome?

We provide a variety of partnership options that are flexible and suited to your preferences.

If you are a traditional ready-made furniture dealer or retailer and are interested in branching out into custom furniture manufacturing, our partnership management services will help. We can provide you with detailed business guidance and support like sample goods, design recommendations, brand image authorization, customer success & more to help your business grow steadily. We also offer different levels of product price concessions that range from 5% – 30% according to your sales performance.

If you are a furniture designer or home décor company and are looking for a manufacturer that can provide sustainable service. We can work together to make furnishings of the highest quality. If you decide to work with us, we’ll be able to provide the best service and a competitive price. Rest assured that your projects will be carried out on time according to your instructions and guidelines.

If you’re already a franchisee of another furniture company and are looking for a alternative brand. Why not switch your allegiance to a brand that is more in line with your needs? We could modify the franchise terms that are more suitable to your situation and your needs based on what you would like.

If you’re an affiliate or influencer with a lot of knowledge about furniture,, it might make sense to embed your knowledge into the content you sell. We’re always looking someone to promote our business. To make this happen, we recommend that you can engage our promotional opportunities by advertising on your website or social media page,and allow us to do the same for you. This way we can help boost traffic each other and in return you can earn commission from our completed orders.

If you are a custom furniture company looking for ODM’s or OEM’s in China and want to reduce the price point or have more control over quality assurance, or you are searching for alternatives to your current furniture provider. We believe that NextHome can be an excellent new partner. Our client cases show the real quality of our work.

If you are a residential or construction builder, property contractor and have an interest in high-quality and cost-effective furniture for your building projects. We could provide tailor-made high quality furniture with a wide variety of services, style and finish selections for residential or commercial purposes. We could carry a wide range of custom furniture solutions for every budget at a much lower cost than other companies might charge.

If you are a private houseowner, looking for a provider who can provide you with personalized customized furniture solutions for your new house or renovated house, NextHome will deliver in terms of professionalism, price, and service, and will be a company that you won’t regret investing in.

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